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Follicular Unit Extraction

What is Follicular Unit Extraction Technique?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the latest variant of standard follicular unit transplant.

The FUE technique can be done by placing single hair roots in the scarred area. This approach has actually become extremely sought after in the last few years as well as it has actually reinvented the hair transplant approaches in the aesthetic market today.

This hair reconstruction treatment is much less painful as well as it doesn’t leave a mark on the contributor area. In FUE approach, the professional can handpick the greatest hair roots that are being hair transplanted therefore natural dynamic hair is created after the treatment.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

When getting ready for follicular unit extraction, sections of the benefactor area must be cut to a couple of millimeters. This aids with the hair graft harvesting treatment.

Under exceptionally high-powered magnifying, private hair follicles are separated and additionally eliminated by using 0.75 to 1.00 mm punches to cut around the follicle unit. The strike allows the medical professional to meticulously gather practical grafts, enabling them to be divided from the surrounding cells without cutting the underlying system.

The follicular system grafts will after that be rectified into the receptor location with making use of little lacerations. Your doctor will utilize our custom cut-to-size mini blades to develop the websites. These blades vary from.7 mm to 1.3 mm in size and also are created for each and every person, based upon information specific standards. The measurement of the client’s grafts, the qualities of the recipient skin, as well as the thickness at which the grafts will certainly be placed all establish the adjustment of the receptor blades.

The grafts are completely positioned utilizing truly great forceps

Advantages of FUE Approach

It is obvious the FUE Method is just one of one of the most recommended hair transplant techniques, below are the main reasons:

  • Leaves no scarring
  • The best grafts are made use of in the approach, that is why natural looking hair is anticipated
  • Minimally intrusive
  • Little hair as possible is gotten rid of
  • Hair growth can happen on the marked location
  • Post care therapy is not complicated

Negative Aspects of FUE Method

Although great in principle, FUE does have some considerable negative aspects. Among them is that not every individual scalp is responsive to follicular system elimination. In these clients, the follicular device typically tends to tear while it is being teased out of the skin. Harmed follicular gadgets will not grow as well, if at all. Regularly, an examination treatment is encouraged to evaluate whether the client’s follicular units remain undamaged during removal.

Our Opinion regarding FUE

At HTL, we believe that FUE and also FUT are terrific alternatives for a hair transplant treatment, nevertheless the DHI Technique is much remarkable with a similar cost, so in significance, most clients favored this approach. Much better treatment for a similar cost.

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