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DHI Method

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Method is another variation of FUE method. After hair roots are eliminated from the “benefactor area” through hand-operated technique, they are transplanted on the focused location by means of DHI technique.

The DHI Method differs from various other approaches since it utilizes a clinical tool called “Choi Pen”. The good idea concerning DHI approach exists is no demand to shave the area where the hair follicles are going to be transplanted.

This method is called the most preferred technique of ladies going through hair transplant treatment.

The DHI Strategy Procedure

Presently, DHI centers use the cutting edge DHI hair transplant method, i.e. Direct Hair Implantation, which is very easy to execute, creating no discomfort and leaves no stitches or scars. This procedure has nothing to do with the previous strip strategies, which are really painful.

The hair is transplanted making use of a single-tool implanter straight on the marked location. DHI’s implanter tool supplies the physician a full control over deepness, angle, as well as instructions that is why all-natural outcomes are assured.

The transplanted hair expands normally just like the natural hair, it has the exact same structure and also features.

DHITM uses direct hair implantation (DHI) approach to provide you a natural looking hair. We make use of patented device for the procedure that allows us to complete excellent angle and hair thickness.

The hair transplant therapies are executed under regional anesthesia. They are painless as well as also last for an hour or even more. There is no healing time needed. Customers can resume to their everyday routine from the following day.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Technique

There are a variety of reasons that you must pick the DHI Procedure, right here are the majority of them:

  • – 100% natural looking hair
  • – No function cuts.
  • – There are no stitches.
  • – There is no scarring.
  • – Definitely pain-free.
  • – Optimum survival rate of hair roots (greater than 90%).
  • – Quick recovery time
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