DHI Method

DHI Hair Transplant Technique

Modern society has created modern needs. Today the appearance of a person plays a big role in all aspects of life. Men and women spend millions of pounds each year to become more beautiful on the outside, and one of the most serious problems, faced mainly by men, is hair loss and baldness, even at a very young age. Science has been dealing with this problem for many years now, and the most modern and also the only effective method of treatment appears to be hair implantation.

In the past, we have seen the development and use by various specialised clinics of hair implantation methods on the human head. Until recently, most of these were particularly painful, time-consuming, leaving injuries and scars without any guarantee of long-term results.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Method?

DHI Method 1The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Method is a variation of the FUE method. The same principle of using the donor area (back and sides of one’s head) to extract hair follicles from and to then transplant them to the areas that require treatment (typically the front of the head/hairline and/or the crown area).

The main difference of the DHI Method when comparing to the FUE method is that it utilises a clinical tool called the “Choi Pen”. This tools is a little bit smaller in diameter and a technician typically “loads” it with a hair graft that is then directly inserted into the area that has suffered from hair loss.

Advantages of the DHI Hair Transplant Technique

This rapid transplantation of hair follicles maintains and utilises the most of their viability, in comparison to other methods meaning that the time elapsed would create a deprivation of oxygen and blood supply to the hair, with sometimes devastating consequences to it.

Furthermore, with the DHI technique, along with the hair follicle from the donor area, the sebaceous glands and the sheath of the follicle are also removed, something that ensures normal growth of the hair after the completion of the procedure. So the hair is and looks natural, not in any way appearing “fake” or betraying the implantation procedure.

Another great advantage of the Direct Hair Implantation technique is that it is completed faster and with much greater comfort for the patient, as it is performed with him seated on a surgical chair and not lying prone on the surgical bed, as was done with previous methods. The patient, after a short period of time, may treat the new hair as natural, regaining any lost confidence.

There are a variety of reasons that you must pick the DHI Procedure, right here are the majority of them:

  • 100% natural looking hair
  • No function cuts.
  • There are no stitches.
  • There is no scarring.
  • Definitely pain-free.
  • Optimum survival rate of hair roots (greater than 90%).
  • Quick recovery time
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