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Hair Transplant Cost

A great deal of men and women are experiencing hair loss. Thanks to our advanced technologies, hair transplantation are readily available. There are a variety of hair loss treatments you can select from. There is hope if you are experiencing hair thinning and also hair loss. Hair transplants are available at a very economical price. The treatments prices depend on the surgical procedure that you need for your condition.

In the UK, the hair transplant price is varying from ₤ 3000 to ₤ 10000.

Hair Transplant Strategies

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) (What We Recommend)

The FUE technique is the treatment of eliminating hair roots from a details donor are. The hair roots are extracted very carefully. When the extraction is done, the hair roots are hair transplanted on the marked or hair loss area.

This technique is what we advise at Hair Transplant Leeds.

The rate of FUE procedure varies from various facilities. The rate highly depends on the extent of the hair loss condition. For your info, the price of each follicle is around ₤ 1.89 to ₤ 3.99.

Follicular Unit Transplant


Hair replacement surgery can also be undertaken through the FUT method. This is where the hair is drawn from a donor location as well as grafted onto the scalp in ‘strips’. This enables the hair to expand under the strips and also can be a permanent remedy to hair loss issues. As the benefactor area is healthy, the hair can grow back in its area.


The beginning of FUE hair transplant implies that this kind of surgery is deemed more invasive, but it is a more affordable solution to hair transplant surgical treatment. Generally, this surgery can set you back over ₤ 4,000 in overall which varies relying on the degree of the surgical treatment needed. The price per hair follicle is around ₤ 2 to ₤ 5. We do not suggest this technique as it leaves a big mark on the customer’s scalp.


Direct Hair Implant Method


The DHI hair transplant technique is the most up to date in reducing edge hair transplant innovation. With this new innovative innovation, hair is encouraged to expand, this is done by removing living hair follicles and implants them in the hair loss location.


This ensures that hair development can be boosted in the very best possible means. This surgical treatment can cost approximately ₤ 6,000. Commonly, the expense of this treatment per roots is roughly ₤ 2 to ₤ 6.

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